Oldenlandia diffusa

Family Rubiaceae
Scientific name Oldenlandia diffusa (Willdenow) Roxburgh
Synonyms Hedyotis brachypoda R. Brown ex Wallich; Hedyotis diffusa Willdenow; Hedyotis diffusa Willdenow var. extensa (Hooker f.) R. Dutta; Hedyotis extensa R. Brown ex Wallich; Hedyotis herbacea Loureiro; Hedyotis polygonoides Wallich; Hedyotis radicans Bartling ex de Candolle; Hedyotis ramosissima Kurz; Oldenlandia angustifolia Bentham var. pedicellata Miquel; Oldenlandia brachypoda G. Don; Oldenlandia corymbosa L. var. uniflora (Bentham) Masamune; Oldenlandia diffusa (Willdenow) Roxburgh var. extensa Hooker f.; Oldenlandia diffusa (Willdenow) Roxburgh var. polygonoides Hooker f.; Oldenlandia herbacea (L.) Roxburgh var. uniflora Bentham; Oldenlandia pauciflora Roxburgh ex Wight & Arnott
Common name (Japanese common name) futa-ba mugura (フタバムグラ, 双葉葎 [meaning: twin leaved vine weed])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa
(Other nations) Korea, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indochina, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, India
Habitat Swamp, rice paddy
Chromosomal number 2n=32
Description Plants 10-20cm tall. Leaves 1-3.5cm long, 1.5-3mm wide. Flowers white ca. 2mm across, flowering in August to September. Annual plants.
Reference Oldenlandia diffusa (Willd.) Roxb.
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