Linaria japonica

Family Plantaginaceae (also placed in Scrophulariaceae; Veronicaceae)
Tribe Antirrhineae
Scientific name Linaria japonica Miquel
Synonyms noneLinaria japonica Miquel
Common name (Japanese common name) un-ran (ウンラン, 海蘭 [meaning: coastal orchid])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Hokkaido, Honshu
(Other nations) Russia (Far East), Korea, China
Habital Sand beach
Chromosomal number 2n=12
Description Plants creeping 20-40cm long. Leaves 1.5-5cm long, 0.5-2cm wide. Flowers lemon yellow (orange yellow at center), flowering in August to October. Seeds 5-6mm across. Perennial plants.
Reference Linaria japonica Miquel
Linaria japonica Miq.
On the Constituents of Linaria japonica MIQ. IV. Chemical Correlation of cis-Clerodane Diterpenes with trans-Clerodane Diterpenes
Studies on Medicinal Resources. XXXVII. The Components of Leaves of Linaria japonica MIQ. and L. vulgaris MILL. (Scrophlariaceae)
Studies on Constituents of Medicinal Plants. XII. The Constituents of the Flowers of Linaria japonica MIQ

Photo by Madame Popow Photo by Madame Popow
September 2008
at beach in Niigata Prefecture
September 2008
at beach in Niigata Prefecture

Photo by Madame Popow
October 2008
at beach in Niigata Prefecture